Property Managers, Real Estate managers of shopping centers, industrial complexes and Business parks.

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Some common issues we resolve are tenant requests, homeless, parking control, maintenance, visitor greeting, burglary, vandalism, accidents and much more. Find out how our specialized service will save you time and make it easier for you to manage your properties.

Owners of Grocery and Retail Stores.

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While theft is the most common issue that we face in the store environment our highly trained guards will greet your customers while offering a visible deterrent as well, our guards will always be dressed professionally to represent your brand well. Check out more about how our services are tailored to fit your stores needs.

Community Managers of gated communities

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We are skilled in access control using a concierge type of approach with your residents, we make sure to only allow those who are authorized.

Steadfast Security, Inc.


    Our security solutions effectively limit ownership and management liability. We do this by alerting our clients promptly about potential issues before they become major problems. We provide you with highly trained, certified, licensed, and insured security guards. We utilize vehicle, golf cart, bike and foot patrols.


    • ● Shopping centers
    • ● Shelters
    • ● Business parks
    • ● Industrial complexes
    • ● Grocery Stores/Retail stores
    • ● Gated communities

    We know that there are times that you will not be on the property. During those times you not only need “eyes and ears” on the property but “boots on the ground” as well. We can resolve all sorts of tenant and vendor issues on your behalf. Supervisors are on duty 24 hours a day, 365 days per year for your convenience. They will make daily spot checks to prevent the issue of complacency and to provide ongoing training.


    We have a singular focus, to provide security service to property managers and owners of commercial properties. That is why we are uniquely qualified and a perfect fit to service your property needs. One of the most common needs is to find out about issues quickly and to get the information in a way that allows you to save time. This means more time for you to get other critical tasks done.

    We will also offer your tenants the ability to contact us directly, via our helpline, so you don’t waste time relaying messages. We then report to you how we were able to resolve the tenant issues in accordance with the SOP we have established for your center

Parking lot Security guards

Proudly serving Southern California

Supervisors are on duty 24 hours a day, 365 days per year.

We make daily spot checks to prevent the issue of complacency and to provide ongoing training. It is our belief that in order to assure the best quality of service that we stand by, we must keep close relationships with our personnel both on and off duty.

Enforcement of parking policies

Issuance of warnings and tow citations

Trespassing and loitering deterrence

Daily activity reports


Theft, vandalism, and crime deterrence

Vehicle, golf cart and bike patrols

Enforcement through reinforcement

The art of nonviolent communication is commonplace in our organization and has often been effective
in de-escalating volatile situations.