We are Steadfast Security, Inc.

A full-service security guard firm that provides service to Shopping Centers, Residential Communities, Office Buildings and Industrial Complexes. Our goal is to keep properties safe and tenants happy by keeping an eye out for security issues such as homeless invasion, vendor management, parking lot policy violations, and theft.

We build safer communities by engaging Tenants and their employees, local authorities, and property managers by hosting frequent Business Watch Meetings. We employ the latest technology in order to ensure that our guards are performing their duties and reporting everything that they see on your property.

Our team of Security Guards is trained to provide you with the best service possible. We study each location deeply and design services that effectively answer your security needs without waste. With our training and aided by technology, our guards become your best allies on the ground. 

Steadfast Security, Inc. knows that security and maintenance issues can happen on a property anytime. And that is why you need guards trained to detect, report, and respond to those situations, even if you are elsewhere at that moment. You need more than just “eyes and ears” on the property during those times, and you need “boots on the ground” as well.

Our Values






We save you admin time and respond effectively

We offer comprehensive security services that prevent every potential challenge for commercial properties.

We are committed to providing effective solutions on maintenance and tenant issues in order to save you time and exposure.

We will watch over your property and report on every issue,  so you can focus on any other task you need to accomplish when you are not there.

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