Security Services

For us, it is of great importance to offer premium security services, go beyond only protect your property from usual problems. We are interested in informing you about issues that may seem small but become serious if not treated in time.  That’s why we inform you quickly about maintenance problems, we keep in direct contact with your tenants and vendors. To save your budget and especially your time.

Trespassing and loitering deterrence

-Theft deterrence
-Vandalism deterrence
-Crime deterrence
-Day laborer management or removal

Incident Reports

-Reporting lights out
-Reporting broken sprinklers
-Removal of yard sign advertisement

Enforcement of parking policies

-Issuance of warnings and tow citations
-Illegal and overnight parking management
-Facilitate vehicle towing
-Student parking solutions

Customer Service

-Daily activity reports
-After hour escort service to aid your tenants
-Taking pictures of problems at the center in conjunction with a map
-Vendor coordination and assistance


-Vehicle, golf cart and bike patrols are also available.

We specialize in parking lots, in different business areas.

Security Services for shopping centers

Property managers or Real estate managers of shopping centers

Some common issues we resolve are tenant lease violations, homeless, parking control, maintenance, and much more.

Security Services for business parks

Property managers of industrial complexes or business parks

Some common issues we handle include burglary, vandalism, accidents and many more. Having our guard on your property, working on your behalf reduces the liability you will face. Check out more about how our services are tailored to fit your needs.

Security Services for investment groups

Property owners or Investment groups

Do you need real time information about the property, when you cannot be there? Do you need to know if vendors are providing the services you asked of them? We can tackle these concerns and many more.

Call us today at 1-866-680-8838 or Email us at [email protected]

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