We specialize in providing security

At our security services, we don't just aim to protect your property from typical security issues.

We go above and beyond

Building safety consciousness amongst your Tenants or Residents allowing our guards to respond to their needs.

Our team maintains daily interactions with your tenants and vendors to detect issues. They immediately issue digital, shareable reports of everything they notice. Those reports help you  save precious administrative time. 

We offer a range of security services, including:


Our team is trained to interact with your tenants and vendors, and to provide solutons to their needs.

We train our guards to be attentive and responsive to your tenants and their employees. We value your tenants as much as you do, we listen to them, and act immediately to ensure that they are safe and happy. 

Our guards provide constant updates on your property, including photo and video, ensuring you stay informed even if you can't be there.

We can also assist you in managing vendors, ensuring that your access policies are enforced, and recording photo or video evidence of their work in progress. Contact us  to start building a safer and happier community at each one of your properties!

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