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Shopping Centers have a unique set of issues. Some issues are security related such as: homeless, parking, graffiti, vandalism, theft, and solicitors. Other issues are related to maintenance and tenants. We focus on all types of issues, not just security.

We are there to help by providing you with one-click email information that you can quickly forward to your vendors or contractors for correction. The information you get will come in a concise report, with pictures and map attached. The map shows the precise problem location so all you need to do is hit the forward button and send it to your vendor.

We will also follow up and inform you when the repairs or the work is completed.

Since our guards are all trained in the basics of property management they are able to quickly identify problems on your property that can turn into major disasters if left unattended. That will save you a great deal of time and money.

We will also monitor your crew of vendors such as lighting, maintenance, landscape, and construction to ensure they actually complete the tasks, you hired them to do.

We understand that sometimes you just need an extra set of hands. Our guards can be those for you as well. We can easily handle a multitude of vendor and contractor type meetings on your behalf. We will also monitor if there are tenant lease violations, based on the criteria you set.

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Premium Security guard service in Southern California

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If you are looking for professional Shopping Center security company, contact Steadfast Security Services today and receive reliable and proactive security solutions for your property in Southern California. Just call us at 1-866-680-8838  or write us at info@steadfast-security.com You can also contact us through contact form

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